Improve burn resuscitation for your patients

Burn Navigator® is a resuscitation support tool for healthcare professions caring for adult and pediatric severe burn patients.

Burn Navigator has supported thousands of burn resuscitations at burn centers across the United States since 2013.


Multi-Center Clinical Data:

  • Reduced burn shock
  • Reduced fluids when initiated early
Clinical Data & References

Burn Navigator includes:

  • Resuscitation volume, I/O and lab trend graphs
  • Customizable protocols
  • Resuscitation reports and data files
  • EMR documentation to ease nursing workflow

Improved resuscitation can help:

  • Reduce ventilator days
  • Avoid abdominal compartment syndrome
  • Reduce pulmonary edema
  • Quicken return to spontaneous breathing
  • Reduce risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia
  • Avoid pressure ulcers by mobilizing patients sooner
  • Ensure that skin grafts hold
  • Lower reperfusion injury
  • Reduce variability of care
  • Lower risk of mortality


“This is a major upgrade in how we monitor resuscitation. The interface is intuitive, it´s very easy to use, it´s fast.”

Jason Sheaffer, RN, MSN, Nurse Manager
“Our team loves Burn Navigator. I don’t think anyone here really considers resuscitating a patient without it. Using it to deliver accurate fluids is a no-brainer.”
Critical Care Nurse Educator, Southern Burn Center
“It does the math for me! That alone is a huge benefit when dealing with a major burn. It’s easy to make mistakes with numbers when you’re doing a thousand things at once with a new patient.”
Burn Nurse, Southwest Burn Center
“Before Burn Navigator we were consistently pumping patients full of fluids; that’s all we knew. Using Burn Nav changed everything for the better in our burn unit, and in these patients’ lives.”
Burn Nurse, Southwest Burn Center
“We love Burn Navigator, and we love working with Arcos. You’re the most hands-on vendor we work with.”
Nurse Educator, Southwest Burn Center