Process Improvement and Documentation Tool for Emergent & Massive Transfusions

Maintain >0.75 ratios to improve survival1,2

Tracks blood across pre-hospital, ED, OR, ICU

Rapidly documents blood products into EMRs

Real-time visibility to blood bank


1. Matthay ZJ et al. Outcomes after ultramassive transfusion in the modern era: An EAST multicenter study. JTACS 91(1)24-33, July 2021.

2. Hynes AM, et al. Staying on Target: Maintaining a balanced resuscitation during damage control resuscitation improves survival. JTACS. 91(5):841-848, Nov 2021.

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Sample Transfusion Report

Blood Nav Highlights

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Blood Navigator:

  • Rapidly tracks blood product transfusions throughout the hospital
  • Automatically documents to the EMR
  • Provides a chronological record of massive  transfusion protocol (MTP) events and actions for performance improvement reviews

   Scanning bag barcodes with Blood Navigator system automatically logs blood product usage.

The Blood Navigator system includes:

Blood Nav CDS proprietary software

Rugged tablet with IV pole bracket

Blood Nav handheld barcode scanner with      IV pole holster


Improve communication during surgery and patient hand-offs:

  • Achieve balanced transfusions
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Improve communication of blood product use between team members and during patient transfer
  • Reduce blood product waste
  • Identify potential errors
  • Identify areas for improvement during reviews

                                                                            Blood Navigator® and BloodNav are trademarks of Arcos, Inc.