A new tool for Lung- and Diaphragm-Protective Ventilation is now available!

Originally developed by Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and now supported by Arcos, Inc., Vent Navigator™ clinical decision support software provides lung- and diaphragm-protective ventilation for ARDS patients. 
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*In development and available for research

Vent Navigator™ Highlights

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About Vent Navigator:

  • Designed to provide Diaphragm and Lung Protective recommendations.
  • Provided on a robust, secure, cloud based server
  • Original Vent Navigator software version being used in ongoing NIH
  • Compliant with federal (HIPAA) regulations to ensure security and
    privacy of patient information

Vent Navigator Provides:

  • Evidence-based, Lung Protective Ventilation (LPV) settings for adults
    and children
  • Diaphragm Protective Ventilation (DPV) recommendations intended to mitigate diaphragm atrophy
  • Simple-to-follow rules for mechanical ventilation from intubation
    through liberation
  • Recommendations for multiple modes of ventilation
  • Oxygenation and ventilation tables based on ARDSNet protocols
  • At-a-glance, ventilation assessment graph and pH nomogram

Improved Ventilation Strategies Can Help:

  • Reduce ventilator days
  • Lower mortality rates
  • Identify readiness for ventilator liberation
  • Limit VILI (Ventilator Induced Lung Injury)
  • Standardize best-practice, ventilator management choices 
  • Reduce days in ICU
  • Reduce sedative and analgesic exposure
  • Lower hospital-acquired infection rates